Friday, November 28, 2008

we need a wedding dance contest

It appears that choreographed wedding dances are a popular thing. There are great to watch. Do you know if there is a wedding dance contest - there should be.

Here's another one I posted earlier.


  1. That was pretty good...I've never seen anything like this. The most creative things I've seen at a wedding was when Brianne sang a song (actually the first song they danced to in the video) to her husband at the reception.

    At least they got all the bad traditional wedding dancing music out of the way.
    It also probably helped the groom to have slick floor.

  2. In case Patrick reads your blog...I forgot the "a" in my last sentence.

    "It also probably helped the groom to have a slick floor"

  3. thanks for commenting
    don't worry about missing word - I mean "a word". It's not like you are writing a letter.