Saturday, January 24, 2009

beer story from downunder

Oh once again the wonders of the internet - I came across this interesting video about an Australian beer story. I found it while checking out some film festival stuff.

So I know of this blogger, Lilly, who's an aussie and she does a great job of answering comments, so I asked her about it. Until I got her answer, I didn't appreciate why they called it a miracle in the beginning of the video.

"Easter Friday" - I would call "Good Friday" - no pubs open? I believe there are places in the US that are dry on Sunday so this is not that strange. That restriction would be good to remember when planning travel around Easter.

Beer from God - now that's a nice idea for increasing church membership - is it not possible that Jesus turned some of that water into BEER too? Were they all wine drinkers at the wedding?

Check out her blog Lilly's Life

Here's what she wrote about it:

ok that documentary was about a story that could only be true in Australia. It captures the spirit of one small Aussie town, when a truck loaded with 40,000 beers crashes into the river just before Easter time.
It happened easter friday when pubs and bottle-o's are not open. Dreams really can come true!


  1. Thanks for making me smile today. I'm impressed that the policeman kept a straight face for so long.
    It reminds me of an old Ealing Studios film called Whisky Galore. A similar scenario but the locals who helped themselves to free booze did get caught. It's great that the Aussies just let it go, even though they have so many confessions on the video.

  2. @dayflyer thanks for dropping a comment. These unusual stories are so interesting. Is this Whisky Galore a big screen movie? I'll look around for it.